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What is aromatherapy massage?

Now you guys are probably wondering what exactly Aromatherapy massage is.? Aromatherapy massage is a combination of great smells ie Aromatherapy, and massage from a trained professional. Well I’m glad you asked! In the simplest of terms, Aromatherapy is the use of aromas (or scents) in such a way that stimulates the human body/mind in […]

Stick with Your Health and Physical Fitness Plan On Holidays

This holiday season when you eat and party a lot, it’s important that you adhere to a physical fitness plan. Being active after big holiday meals, working out regularly or maintaining a flexible running schedule are some of the things to consider.After Thanksgiving that marks the onset of the holiday season when you reconnect with […]

How Would You Benefit from a Massage chair in Your Workplace?

How Would You Benefit from a Massage chair in Your Workplace?   Modern day corporations are introducing chair massage therapy in the workplace as part of their employee wellness programs. Less anxiety, stress, an overall feeling of wellness, and improved job performance are some of the benefits to consider.  A professional massage given to you […]

How Professional Massage Therapy Helps Children?

The benefits of massage therapy for children are manifold. It rejuvenates their body and mind, releases stress, helps at times of illness, stimulates cognitive skills and helps premature babies in gaining weight.The gentle touch of hands and fingers, i.e. touch therapy has been prevalent for years. Massage or touch therapy dates back to ancient times […]

How Massage Therapy Works in Weight Loss Treatment?

A few years back a research study was conducted to compare the impact of 3 types of massage in shedding excess flab. At least 60 people participated in it and they were divided into 3 groups – the first group opted for a mechanical massage technique, the second opted for manual lymphatic drainage and the […]

Different types of physical therapy & Massage

Different types of physical therapy are performed by the expert physiotherapy professionals to alleviate a range of symptoms. Get an overview of the most important types of physical therapy in this content. Physical therapy helps in improving or restoring your physical function, promoting the level of fitness. The objective of this therapeutic treatment is to […]