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PErson safety extends online

LOCAL residents are not exempt from online crime. more »

Too few will to make a will

THE Public Trustee’s WA Will Week, which ran from February 16 to 22, attracted more than 950 people who booked out seminars across the metropolitan area. more »

Decision affects wider community

HOW health authorities and councils encourage people to have their children immunised is a decades-old problem. more »

Stranger danger alert timely

WITH the recent incident of a man asking children into his car, it’s a timely reminder of stranger danger. more »

Game stirs talk of third AFL side

WITH West Coast and Fremantle set to do battle at Arena Joondalup today, fresh debate around a northern suburbs AFL franchise is inevitable. more »

Up close with infamous drug smuggler


IT was six years ago, as a young media student, that I stepped into Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison in an attempt to come face to face with the infamous convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby. more »

Motorcyclists must heed safety

I CANNOT emphasise just how important it is to stay vigilant on the roads. more »

A few signs are encouraging

ANOTHER annual abalone season has drawn to an end. more »

Don’t let an opportunity slip by

SOMETIMES a great opportunity escapes us and we don’t even see it rush past. more »

Change of name is also in play

ALL institutions run the risk of becoming staid, existing for themselves instead of the people they are supposed to serve. more »

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