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Change of name is also in play

ALL institutions run the risk of becoming staid, existing for themselves instead of the people they are supposed to serve. more »

Anti-social behaviour unacceptable

POLICE have called on the community to think when out drinking and consider the longer-term consequences of their behaviour, whether it be the impact on their health, career or family relationships. more »

Trees bear benefits... and fruit

THE decline of rainfall is a critical issue for Perth. It has led to desalination plants being built at a cost of more than $1.3 billion and a reduction in fresh water resources for our environment in one of the world’s most important biodiversity ho more »

Plan to keep parties under control

WITH the arrival of summer, police are reminding all residents to please be responsible when hosting parties/gatherings. more »

Congratulations to worthy volunteers

NORTHERN jewel Yanchep National Park was in the spotlight last week through three of its volunteers. more »

Mental health worry little studied

IT is not unusual for people to worry about their physical health. more »

Rubbish lethal, not just a mess

RUBBISH... it’s a constant problem for local authorities, government agencies and private organisations. more »

Transport costs weigh heavily

THE Committee for Perth this week released the findings from a study called The Rising Cost of Living in Perth. more »

Ending test is on right road

THE State Government’s decision to abolish the annual driver’s test for folk over 85 makes sense. more »

Women: watch your nest eggs

MOST women have very busy lives so superannuation often comes towards the bottom of our priorities, something left to our partners to sort out or just not to worry about. more »

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