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Loophole only fuels rising theft of petrol

IF you walk into any shop, pick something up and then get caught walking out the door without paying for it, you’ll end up in court charged with theft. more »

Small changes to Facebook affect millions

ABOUT four weeks ago, 800 million people were affected by the beginning of changes to the way they live their lives. more »

Great gift woven with golden thread

AS I write these words our city is about to host an international event. Afterwards, there will be many official cost-benefit analyses. There should be. more »

Rising childcare costs may be the last straw

PARENTS may have to find up to $25 per day extra next year for each child they have in full-time care under sweeping changes planned by the Federal Government. more »

Preparations also tested in exams

THE pressure is on for thousands of students across WA as they prepare to sit their WA Certificate of Education examinations on Monday. more »

Stupid idea is now hurting motorists

GOVERNMENTS often don’t know what is good for them, even when it is staring them in the face. more »

Anniversary recalls personal toll of war

THIS year is the 10th anniversary of Australian involvement in Afghanistan and we should be reminded of the personal cost to Australia in the form of the rising death toll. more »

All can help to stop rubbish dumping

ILLEGAL dumping of rubbish is a blight on our community and environment. more »

Substance abuse danger unheeded

NEW research reveals a significant number of Australians believe there is a safe level of cigarette smoking and illicit drug use. more »

Dentures a lore unto themselves

FALSE teeth, it seems, have a pronounced proclivity for adventure. When your family tells its stories there’s probably at least one involving a set of dentures. more »

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