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Small steps are a healthy start

THERE is a little-known truth that every parent should be aware of about improving their child’s health – it’s not difficult or expensive. more »

Freo’s future is looking positive

THE innovative retail and artistic space at The Myre Project will have been operating for just two weeks tomorrow and already the town is buzzing with praise for the initiative. more »

Hillarys works a welcome move

FOUR million people visit Hillarys Boat Harbour and its attractions each year. more »

Call, don't email

EMAILS are a useful tool for police and a good way for us to receive feedback, which we appreciate, but they have their limitations. more »

Healthy habits must start early

THE eating habits children develop in their formative years can follow them for the rest of their lives. more »

Thanks for recovered satchel

IT’S always nice to receive praise. more »

Grateful for gift of a new life

I HAVE been given the opportunity to follow up my guest editorial published in the Weekender on August 1, 2013, regarding my wait for a transplant. more »

Yanchep Police challenged

THE past month has consistently provided resource challenges for the team at Yanchep Police Station. more »

Make your vote count this council election

MAKE your vote count at this local government election. more »

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