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Privelages bring responsibilities

JUST this month visiting Tasmanian priest and former senator-cum-diplomat Michael Tate reminded young people at a City of Joondalup prayer breakfast of their privileged position as citizens linked through migration to many parts of the globe. more »

Study fit for strength training

IF we had a pill that conferred all the confirmed health benefits of exercise, would we not do everything humanly possible to see to it that everyone had access to this wonder drug? more »

Help us stamp out graffiti

THE presence of graffiti in any location is unsightly, relays a negative image on its residents and costs the WA taxpayer about $30 million each year. more »

Don't forget the letter to Santa

AUSTRALIA Post will provide a full-week service in the lead-up to Christmas. more »

Solar thermal desal is promising

IMAGINE if it was possible to use the heat of the sun to turn salty seawater into fresh drinking water while creating low- emissions green energy. more »

Wild seas braved by rescue crews

THE removal of the stricken yacht Thetis II from Eglinton beach last week reminded this newspaper of the danger rescuers put themselves in when the boat’s helmsman put out a mayday call in stormy weather on the night of July 16. more »

‘Delete’ does not wipe out data

MOST people are blissfully unaware that memory cards in their mobile phones and tablet computers can be treasure troves of personal data if they end up in the wrong hands. more »

Need for safety remains crucial

IS there too much concentration on low level speeding – motorists exceeding the limit by under 20km/h – in trying to reduce road trauma? more »

Residents should secure homes, businesses, cars

HOUSEHOLDERS and motorists need to be more safety conscious when it comes to securing their homes, businesses and all forms of transport. more »

Small steps are a healthy start

THERE is a little-known truth that every parent should be aware of about improving their child’s health – it’s not difficult or expensive. more »

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