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Mayor’s cheap shot


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PUBLIC housing is under attack again. This time it is the newly elected Liberal MP for Belmont Glenys Godfrey.

It was reported that she vowed to consult her Liberal Party colleagues to reduce the density of public housing in Rivervale.

This statement does not surprise me in the least. During her campaign, Ms Godfrey linked public housing to crime. This was cheap and unintelligent campaigning while the real issues were ignored.

Instead of attacking public housing, Ms Godfrey should be showing some respect to the many people (public sector and private) who helped get her elected. I suggest that a little humility could have been the order of the day.

If public housing numbers were increased through significant Government investment, the selection criteria could be widened to allow a broader base of tenants, returning public housing to its original intent as a mainstream affordable option for all.

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Actually Gabriel, the word racism, as we know it today, came into it's own in the 60's. I lived in an area of Liverpool, England then, where all the nations of the world lived, as is happening here today. In the late 60's, early 70's England had the worst race riots on record caused mainly by the half caste element who weren't wanted by either parent. It was a shame it happened as there were many decent people amongst them. Today we see here a similar thing happening. It's time that word was thrown in the bin and all people became responsible for their actions and were treated accordingly. Australia is the one country that mixes the best with all nationalities, without favour, and those who complain about us being racist should return to wherever they came from and live with what they ran away from.



Racism was invented in the 70s? Due to mixed marriages?
That is a good one.



Helen, what is racism? It is a catch phrase for some who cannot get what they want or their own way and will abuse the word in any way they can. Personally I don't care what colour skin they have and if they can't fit into society then they need to be moved to an area where they cannot hurt decent people. It would be an idea to place them altogether in one area away from society, then they can beg, steal and plunder from each other. Ban them out of shopping centres, shut local bottle shops, don't even give them a decent home because they will only wreck it. Racism is a dirty word and is used by those for leverage. In the '70s there was no such word and only came about due to mixed marriages and half caste children where neither parent wanted them for whatever reason. By the way I too talk with some of the aborigines and I have no problems with them. In fact I prefer some of them to my own as they have more respect for their elders.



Hi Thomas,
I walk past aboriginal people every day. Some live on my street. Occasionally I get to talk to some. Do you?
Re: racism - check the dictionary. Then review my earlier report and consider the definition. Decide for yourself if it fits. That's all I'm saying.
If pointing out the obvious is now considered inflammatory, then we have a problem.
Please note I don't believe ms Godfrey meant to be racist - most racism is unintentional. I think she meant well, she really did. Doesn't make it okay, though. If one doesn't point out these things, the ongoing stigmatisation of a group is normalised. Should aboriginal people who do not commit crime have to wear it? They do exist, you know.



Why is it Helen that every time someone mentions the word "Aboriginal" the word "Racist" always comes with it. You obviously haven't walked past some of them to find out who the true racist is. Me, I take people as they are, just a little jealous of the suntan at times. I dare say you have a lot to learn about people before you make any further inflammatory remarks.



Oh goodie! I'm waiting to see public housing distributed evenly to include suburbs such as Peppie Grove, Claremont and the like.



Sounds like Ms Godfrey has hit the trifecta to me Helen. "Social Research" shows that some people from varying backgrounds are over represented in our jail system. There is no reason to believe this is not reflected on our streets. While there are a multitude of reasons for this which many people have been focusing on for years to correct, we should not have to bear the brunt of it here.



I'm afraid unaffordable rental prices brings problems anyway. I live in Bentley, and investors flock to buy homes, either renting them out to people who have little interest in "investing" in community, or advertising by the bedroom on GumTree. The green bins don't reflect the no. of people living in the house as it attracts attention. Overloaded bins, cars all over the place, etc, result. This isn't a low socio economic problem, its a desperate struggle is (and pls remember Dept of Housing has not lifted income limits on tenants in public housing since 2007. Combined with not qualifying for green plan subsidies, they struggle so much more with utility bills and the effects it causes).



In fact, Ms Godfrey went further, in a speech I attended at the Belmont Tavern as part of her campaign. She linked crime, public housing, and Aboriginality. She actually talked about some aborigines who get 'embarrassed' when some other aborigines commit crime. I can't recall feeling embarrassed when I hear of other white people committing crime! After I stopped cringing, I came to the view I could not vote for her. Others who did, I suggest, either share her racist views or most likely are of the vast majority of voters in the seat who did not hear these remarks.



I'm with Kevin on this one. Crime is crime and public housing is public housing. All the relevant social research for the last 30 years on the topic - and which of course always gets ignored - tells us that public housing does not cause crime. Ms godfrey's remarks merely stigmatise all people who live in public housing. Such a linkage between the two things is self indulgent and lazy thinking, however popular among those lucky enough to own their own homes and a few other things besides. Housing in Perth is expensive and poverty does exist - anyone want to solve that problem?



Kevin, Glenys Godfreys attempt to reduce public housing is respecting the wishes of the people that elected her. As Thomas says, both parties recognised this as an issue the electorate was focused on. Believe it or not, this is not about you, but more about getting the rest of the city to share the load and the risk (yes there is a risk - just go to the Kooyong Rd shops and have a look!).



Get a life Kevin, you just can't wait to have a dig, can you. Both parties mentioned the same thing during election time, and yes this area does have a higher percentage of public housing which does need to be reduced. So Glenys is going to try to carry out one of her issues, good on her. Maybe the overflow should be centred around you and see how you like having a few extra sleepless nights.

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