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Trolley wheels locked


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I WAS recently shopping in Brisbane and visited a supermarket to buy a few groceries. I then proceeded to wheel the trolley out of the shopping centre car park as close as possible to where I lived.

But the wheels locked and I was unable to go further. This occurred at least a couple of times and looking around I realised there were no shopping trolleys outside the shopping centre and all shoppers were replacing theirs in the trolley bays.

The store manager told me that they used a system that magnetised the surrounding parameter of the shopping centre and which automatically locked up the wheels if taken beyond that parameter.

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You can understand why they do this when you see trolleys abandoned "miles" from the nearest shopping centre - and particularly when you know how much they cost to buy.

Anne Jackson


I think it's a great idea. I live near the canning river . I can't count the number of trolleys that get pushed into the river by local idiots who think it's funny. In the end it's the shoppers that pay for new ones in the cost of our goods. Obviously the idiots haven't got the brains to work that out for themselves that they to will be paying for them in the price of anything they buy. They obviously have nothing better to do with their time or the brain power to work out how to do something useful. Heaven help us in the future if these are our future adults.



It's because of people like you JOAN that they need to stop people from stealing trolleys and taking them home. How would you feel about paying a $200 deposit to borrow the trolley in the first instance?



They already have it in Perth at Dogswamp shopping centre, Yokine



That system has been around for many years. I wish they'd bring it in here in Perth.

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