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Fast-food frenzy in Kwinana


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KFC Kwinana store manager Melissa Pepe. Picture: Elle Borgward KFC Kwinana store manager Melissa Pepe. Picture: Elle Borgward Buy this photo

THE equivalent of more than one in five City of Kwinana residents attended the new KFC store last week, ordering 17,992 pieces of fried chicken.

The Kwinana Marketplace store opened on April 8, bringing 71 new jobs to the area.

In 2011, 351 young people aged 15 to 24 in the City of Kwinana were unemployed, a total of 13.9 per cent compared to WA’s 10 per cent.

KFC WA area coach Stephen Kuhanez believed the opening had been one of the biggest in WA in the past five years.

“Normally at the opening of a new store we’re busy, but this was something else. There were queues out the door of the dining room and the drive though line went around the corner and out on to the street,” he said.

The store opening was so eagerly anticipated that some snuck behind construction fences and into the store on its pre-opening staff family night.

In its first week, KFC Kwinana served 5919 people – the City has a population of 31,974. However, not everyone is happy about the amount of fast food available in Kwinana.

Kwinana’s rate of Type 2 diabetes in 2007-08 was 14 per cent higher than the rest of the nation and 18 per cent higher than the Perth metropolitan average.

More than 20 per cent of adults in Kwinana were predicted to be obese, compared to 15 per cent in Perth.

Perth South Coastal Medicare Local (PSCML) acting chief executive Paul Hersey said PSCML could not comment on individual restaurants, but local “food environments” had a significant impact on health.

“Research evidence from Harvard School of Public Health confirms fast food restaurants are more likely to locate near schools, which has been linked to increased risk of obesity in school children,” he said.

PSCML lifestyle educator Joelle Callaghan said people should eat takeaway only once a month.

“I recommend people should stick to five vegetables, two fruit, lean protein and limit their starchy carbs,” she said.

“People will feel better when they eat better. They’ll have more energy and less fatigue, and reduce their risk of obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.”

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All I want is a HJ's

Outside circle Thinker


Oh for goodness sake! Kwinana IS and has always been an industrial area. What do you get in an industrial area ...... workmen, hungry, hungry workmen. You may have also noticed all the construction going on around the place, shops, homes, and offices with lots and lots of hungry, hungry workmen.



I just got KFC for the third time this week. It's delicious. Luckily I'm balancing the chicken by eating some deep fried pig on the weekend



Have a thought for all those poor chickens!



Wide Escalators Really??? The only reason this store was busy is because Finally there is some CHOICE in the area! If you look at your own suburbs, I'll bet you'll find fatties everywhere. There's not one shopping centre in YOUR area that Hasn't a fast food chain.... Really people, are you all that stupid??



While it may not be a 100% god news story at least there is some nutritional value in chicken.
This our latest import from the good old US of A:


God bless America.

Bright Side


Can't every1 look at the BRIGHT side of this?? Selling nearly 20 thousand peices of chook meens that a lot of umemployed locals have now got a job. They must of hired 50 or so local kids. I just hope there working for peanuts and not food, coz I got my suspictions.

Glut Tom


Can't wait to read next week's story about the Hungry Jacks that came to town and caused the townspeople to sell their children so they could afford to buy every burger on the menu. Would you really like fries with that?



What a fowl tale. Must be a slow news week.



Doesn't the very first sentence of this article tell it all!!
No wonder obesity is rampant in the Kwinana area. And the early onset of diabetes in a large proportion of the population is a given.



17,992 piece of chicken = 1999 birds (I think KFC gets pieces from each bird). This is outrageous for one week in one suburb. Just imagine the numbers on a nationwide, yearly basis - and that is only one type of fast food outlet. So much suffering for a short-term taste fix: complete with a whole range of long-term health problems.



This is not a story that is newsworthy Maybe should be avoided like the store it talks about and the people who feel the need to waste their money on greasy deep fried food instead of wholesome food.

Hard Man


Interesting article here; a vaguely disguised advert for KFC accompanied by statistics highlighting how fat and unhealthy the people of Kwinana must be.

Robert SMITH


I was at Kwinana Train Station the other day and I noticed the esculators were at least twice the width of the esculators at other train stations in Perth. If the folks of Kwinana are the types to skip work to check out the newly opened Kentucky Fried Chicken, then I think we may have solved the esculator riddle...

Eat a green thing


Is it true that the Kwinana Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Market went out of business due to a lack of customers?

Ron Micky D


I'm guessing property agents in Kwinana are going to be having trouble with corpses in home opens in years to come. Coz everyone in Kwinana is unhealthy.

samantha hackett


What a load of bull !!! the reason behind selling so much in the first week is because Kwinana has been waiting for EVER to have a KFC in this town, we have missed out on heaps of fast food options until the Hub was finally redeveloped i say bring on HUNGRY JACKS and let us be happy in our little town lol



Please don't ruin a good news story with that all that negative stuff at the bottom. LOL

Colonel Sanders


Note to self: Kwinana residents eat too much fried chicken.

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