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Free Sunday parking call


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Owner of the Subiaco 7 Day Chemist, David Maxwell. Owner of the Subiaco 7 Day Chemist, David Maxwell.

SUBIACO needs to offer free parking to attract shoppers for Sunday trading and change the dynamic of the city, according to Subiaco Village Retailers Association chairman David Maxwell.

The city completed a free parking trial for 374 bays on Sundays in December, but it led to a $4,446 revenue drop in December compared with the same time period in 2011.

Mr Maxwell said association members were strong supporters of free parking on Sunday.

“I think that would be a really positive step,” he said.

“It would address a few issues of the competitive nature of Sunday trading and would be a step in the right direction.

“At the moment other places may be considered superior because they offer free parking (on a Sunday).”

The Shenton Park resident said the association had tried to promote the area to increase customer traffic.

“We try to make Subiaco a destination to shop on Sunday,” he said.

“If we don’t do better and offer more exciting things, Subiaco as a shopping district is going to decline.”

Mr Maxwell listed Claremont Quarter, Sorrento and Dianella’s Coventry Markets as major competitors for Sunday trading customers.

Mayor Heather Henderson said the council could not tell if the trial was successful in boosting numbers.

“In the absence of data, we could not see whether it had been successful,” Mrs Henderson said.

“We might think of doing it again in December, but it depends on the outcome of our parking strategy.

“Also, having the free parking not available when an AFL game is on sends mixed messages.”

The public comment period for the parking strategy 2012-2016 will be announced soon.

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Margaret Barber


I generally avoid Subiaco because of the parking fees. I hate paying for parking.



Isn't December an odd month to be trialling free parking on Sundays, with pre-Christmas sales being on?
In addition, I would have thought the vibrancy of Subiaco is the reason people choose to live there. Why jeopardize that for the sake of lower local revenue? Don't Subiaco constituents pay enough rates?



Its quite obvious the parking strategy is based on revenue. Albeit the mayor cannot sleep at night - $4,446 down ! Get a life.



Conventry markets are located in Morley.



I thought parking fees were supposed to assit in stopping the long term parkers from jamming the streets, ande not be relied on as a defacto revenue stream by the councils.
As a motorist we are just sitting ducks for just about every kind of revenue raising and cost impost there is going. How I wish for a better public transport system.



IF councils are going short on parking fees why dont the issue more fines for vehicles overhanging footpaths obstructing pedistrian traffic?



So does Fremantle

Janine Sanders


I - for one, never shop any more in Fremantle, Subiaco or the city, - because if I have to pay for parking, it defeats the purpose of going and spending money in the shops,... I can't afford to buy once I pay the parking meter/attendant. I'll stay in the 'burbs where parking is free ALL
day, everyday.

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