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Three throw hat in ring for South Perth mayoral role


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THREE candidates have put their hands up to become the new mayor of South Perth.

Como resident Chris Thomas will vie for the position against deputy mayor Sue Doherty and Manning ward councillor Travis Burrows.

As reported in the Southern Gazette last week, South Perth Mayor James Best will not pursue a second term.

Mr Thomas, a freelance writer, said his local government experience as a media advisor would put him in good stead.

“I want to break the barriers of bureaucracy and I think I provide an alternative,” he said.

Cr Doherty said she believed future growth in South Perth needed to be addressed.

“Traffic congestion will continue to increase,” she said. “I think managing our child health care and out of school facilities is important.”

Cr Burrows believed he had the requisite leadership abilities for the top role.

“I think I can provide strong accountable and financial leadership around purposeful decision making to address current and future needs of South Perth,” he said.

Meanwhile, Como Beach ward councillor Pete Best will face challenges from former councillor Bill Gleeson and Charlotte MacMillan, while new candidates Frank Hough and Sharron Hawkins-Zeeb will contest Manning ward.

Fiona Reid and Tanya Steers will battle for the Moresby ward.

Councillors Rob Grayden, Ian Hasleby and Peter Howat will be returned unopposed.

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What everyone else is thinking



Well done Danika, you obviously won a few spelling contests in your day. Any comments on the article perhaps or what has been happening with our council?
Being such an illiterate (is that spelling okay for you) I will again have to apologise for making my posts so hard for people to read with my poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. Danika, maybe you can edit this post for me and tell me if I have gotten anything incorrect so I can learn from my mistakes?



Congratulations has a T in it, Andrew.



Danika - a very worthwhile post!

A forum is a forum. I write what I want and I don't edit it. Which unfortunately means I make small mistakes, including spelling, so yes definitely worth an apology for my lack of ability to spell, or really for that matter to care about it. Probably more so a case of my generation and my reliance upon auto-correct, which unfortunately this forum doesn't have.

Congradulations now need to go to Kevin Trent who is our new Deputy Mayor. Nothing against the older generation, but it is a shame that we don't have anyone fresh and willing to make a good change at the top. I hope that Kevin does not continue to be the yes man that many associate him to be and he makes a worthwhile contribution as DM.

Also, a shame that Manning's candidate felt so strongly that he has chosen to quit rather than staying to fight.



It's just a shame you can't spell Andrew.



Thanks that is your opinion and I will take it on board. But at the end of the day the COSP spoke, and Chris didn't get a look in because no one knew what he was about.

I didn't realise an community forum was one for people to go around bashing other peoples opinions, no matter how many times they have posted. But at least I can say I am talking about the comments and not those that are making the comments. I would hope people would sit back and realise that.

Oh and congradulations to Sue, she had far more support than I had realised, but obviously a campaign well run!

Jan MacDonald


You can keep harping on Andrew but you just make yourself look sillier every time you post.



Thanks Greg, I do believe I have the right to keep harping on! This is what a public forum is all about.
I also have a right to allow others to hear the other side, so when people write things (new things) that I disagree with, I am entitled to yet again make a comment.
So yet again, one more comment. People have made the effort to speak to Chris to find out what is campaign is about, but have they also taken the effort to speak to the other two candidates to see what their campaign is about? Either which way you look at it the point remains the same, I, the average citizen, have no idea what Chris is about or why he is running for Mayor or what he has done in the past!



Someone's set up a blog to keep abreast of what's going on with the candidates in the lead-up to the election: http://www.voiceofsouthperth.blogspot.com/

Greg Tyler


Andrew, it's clear you've made your choice, so you don't need to keep harping on.



I have known Chris for many years through his hours of endless dedication to the community.

He is heavily involved in the arts community and has always been the most helpful dedicated person, and always delivers great results with whatever he puts his hand up for.

I believe Chris would be a fantastic assett to the City of South Perth and he will do his utmost to provide support and deliver what the community want and need.



I sure hope the rest of South Perth does not fall for such a meaningless statement. How about people have a look at the voting record of the other two candidates on the issue Chris has raised, councillors or more importantly the Mayors pay.
Nobody likes what Mayor Best did and I think it was absurb that the rules allow him to do it, but should Chris truly get in on that basis alone? I have absolutely no idea how someone could say that one line remark was worth more than anything the others said. If you believe the others is just political reteric then so be it, but Chris' one line remark was no better and I honestly thought people in the City of South Perth would be more intelligent than that.
But I agree, it has been an incompetent council for far too long. What I am concerned about if the fiscal realities of today and how the Mayor will deal with these, I have no confidence that Chris or Sue can!



I agree Steve. Chris' one statement was worth more than the others combined. I too have been in contact with Chris and, after years of dealing with an incompetent South Perth Council, am proud to say that he has my vote.

Can't really see why photos of the candidates would make any difference?



Whilst I understand there might be more to Chris, it is a shame that one of his first efforts didn't really show that side of him. And unfortunately for him most people are not willing to send him an email in order to understand his point of view. I also have not yet received any mail from him on what his points of view are.



Patrick, if you read the story, it says Chris Thomas lives in Como. It's right there in the second paragraph.



I voted for Chris Thomas. He only stated one policy, but that's still one more than the other candidates. I emailed him with my concerns about our area and do you know what I got in reply? An actual answer, not just political spin. I believe Chris is a man who is actually willing to really listen to the peoples concerns and then do what he can to fix them. Please don't write Chris off because he only wrote a few lines. Email him, give him a chance to understand your concerns. I guarantee he will give them a lot more consideration than the other candidates. We vote these people in to represent us, so lets get one that actually listens to us.



Chris Thomas lives in Como, according to his posters



If feel that if Mr Chris Thomas can only give one line to promote himself then how much effort will he put in to our City. Who is this guy, does he live in the City of South Perth, what does he stand for???. No thanks.



The Southern Gazette might have been able to provide a better insight if they'd profiled the candidates a bit better. They didn't even run any photos of them.



So are you saying you are happy with anyone provided they have a sense of humour? First thing I did was have a laugh when I read it, but it doesn't give me any confidence in him. I also fully appreciate his sentiment and I thought it was appalling the Mayor used his casting vote in such a way, in any other form of business you would not be able to do that so why does local government get away with it.

I personally have had dealings with both the other two candidates and know who I would vote for (Travis Burrows for Mayor everyone) - so without having had dealings with this new guy, the only thing I can pin my hat on is what he says in his campaign now. So hopefully he makes some valid points going forward and doesn't take away votes from the other two candidates just because he is a funny man!



I, for one, thought it was far more interesting than all the boring cliched candidate profiles you get every election. They're all so dreary. It's good to know someone out there has a sense of humour.



It is a shame that Chris Thomas' candidate profile has nothing of any substance. Whilst he may yet provide some true insight into what he is about, his first attempt with his candidate profile makes it look like he is making a mockery of the system. But that is just my opinion on his one line bio!

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