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Wait awhile for booze blitz


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VOTERS will have to wait to discover if a new State government will provide laws, police powers and funds sought by health experts Fiona Stanley and Mike Daube to fight binge drinking, ‘pre-loading’ and alcohol-related violence.

Premier Colin Barnett said his government would review the Liquor Control Act after the March 9 State Election and would consider liquor advertising, marketing and penalties for adults supplying alcohol to minors when it reported mid-year.

He said his government ran a six-week advertising campaign last year to increase awareness of alcohol harm during pregnancy, as well as supporting a Department of Health-developed program protecting foetuses and a $50,000 grant for the Drug and Alcohol Office.

Mr Barnett did not say how metropolitan youth liquor culture would be controlled.

Labor leader Mark McGowan said Mr Barnett had been “weak” by only having a review during his four years of government and blamed the Liberals for spending $2 million on its Big Picture advertising instead of alcohol programs and having “almost no increase” in the $73.13 million in 2012-13 for Drug and Alcohol Services. He said his liquor reform policy, including allowing restaurants to serve drinks without meals, had “significant public health incentives”.

Prof. Daube said the proposal to allow restaurants to serve alcohol without meals risked greater problems by providing more access to drinking.

Simpler liquor licensing and the need for a public interest test for applications are part of Mr Barnett’s review.

Alcohol and Youth Action Coalition co-convenors professors Stanley and Daube are concerned loosening any controls would add to alcohol problems across Perth.

They want targeted powers to combat the personal and financial damage caused by drinking culture.

“There is no other action a government could take that would do more to reduce violence, crime, road crashes and many health and social problems,” they said in a letter to Mr Barnett and Mr McGowan.

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Raise the allowable drinking age to 25. Do it after the election Colin, you don't want to go out of office.



Obviously another Labor political stunt. It is well known that it is Labor that breaks down moral standards to get more votes. If parlement is in karetaker mode how can Barnett change things before the election.



Maybe a campaign on Twitter showing how, contrary to their own opinion, drunks are NOT intelligent conversationalists or well co-ordinated athletes or dancers would help.
Footage of slobs in vomit stained vests and urine soaked trousers or lying in a puddle of their own waste may go some way to persuading youngsters of the need to not go over the score.
Make it so obviously uncool that even teenagers begin to think.
One thing's for sure though, a smooth guy in a suit with his mind focussed on keeping his job and little else (almost any politician) will have little real interst in seeing a difficult problem properly funded and followed through. No TV time or headlines to stoke the ego.



You will have noticed that any contraversial decisions, which might lose Liberal votes, will "Have to wait until after the election" There must be about 50 of these up to now, and look like falling by the wayside immediately after the election --Like the Ellenbrook railway line! Promises Promises!
I am more concerned at the huge expense of the daily letters and glossy brochures we are receiving, by post, from the Liberals. Who's paying for them, the long suffering tax payers?

David Chambers


There is clear evidence from trials in other states that reducing alcohol availability reduces violence. This is true of any community black or white. It is appalling that the liquor lobby would have drinking through the night. We see ugly scenes at 3.00 to 4.30 am tighter limits are required.

Adrian White


The only way to partly control the drinking culture is to raise the allowable drinking age to 21, because young people cannot handle liquor which is a proven fact, thus saving countless lives and future social problems.

Robert Mitchell


I have it in writing from the Premier that he will not consider altering the "Liquor Control Act" to include measured DUI like, .08 in the Rpad Traffic Act.
So demeanour and behaviour are the only indications of drunkeness.
So the bashing and assults shall continue.
People will continue to smash their heads due to their relaxed demeanour.
With no positive method of measure within legisation.

Robert Mitchell

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