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Playful space dwells on fringe



Chrissie Catling, designer and owner, with Niamh Clinton, store manager. Photographer: Marcus Whisson. Chrissie Catling, designer and owner, with Niamh Clinton, store manager. Photographer: Marcus Whisson.

S2 is understated, art-driven and considers its aesthetic, positioning and service paramount to its success.

Owner Chrissie Catling said S2 is a fringe dweller and enjoys being away from the mainstream retail experience.

Catling and her small team are extremely passionate and focused. They love to push boundaries with an emphasis on continually reinventing their gallery-like environment.

They also relish involvement with designers they showcase, whose work transcends everyday trends and the presentation of collections.

S2’s recently installed work Black Tension by manager Niamh Clinton and Chrissie’s daughter Lily, is a spider web of black thread crossing its 13-foot-high ceiling and streaming in cone shapes over hovering plinths and mannequins, creating a simplicity and beauty in which to introduce their new season’s collections.

Catling said that reinventing the space was good for all of them.

“We spend a lot of time here so it is wonderful to enjoy it and feel connected and proud of our environment. It also connects our clients and visitors too,” she said.

Catling buys with a number of things in mind – architectural lines, cuts and styles, beautiful cloth and finish and always a tonal palette possibly accented with one 'wow' colour for the season.

She importantly chooses the majority of pieces so they may be dressed up or down, so one can enjoy them casually or more formally and focuses on dressing a wide range of woman of all shapes and sizes from the collections showcased.

She points out the coming new season is not only true to S2’s aesthetic but believes it will be the best combined collection ever shown in S2.

Their attention and energy is firmly focused on serving their clients, offering honest and helpful service; styling and assisting clients look and feel their best, plus, providing ongoing communication with those who are interested in certain designer’s works and styles.

Catling said this hands-on approach works for them and they get so much out of serving and enjoying the process of assisting others and how the experience can be quite playful and fun.

She also shared that they really love what they do, and have made some wonderful friends.

S2 is at 26 Angove Street, North Perth.

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