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Smart price put on smart thinking: the Hyundai i40 Smart price put on smart thinking: the Hyundai i40

WHAT does a grand buy you these days?

Not a lot. Which is why an extra $1000 on the retail price of Hyundai's i40 Premium-grade sedans and wagons seems to be a pretty good spend.

For the bit extra, the Premium now comes with standard clever features such as Smart Parking Assist and Lane Departure Warning and Assist and a colour screen to show where you're going if you're in reverse.

Smart Parking Assist provides a semi-automated reverse parallel parking function, guiding the driver into tight parking spots.

It uses side-mounted ultrasonic sensors to figure if a parking spot is big enough for the vehicle, and then prompts the driver to engage reverse gear before going into action.

All the driver needs to do is operate the accelerator and brake while monitoring the movements in the reverse camera via the 4.2-inch in-dash colour monitor. The system does the steering and expertly parks your sedan or wagon.

It's especially good for people with limited head rotation, or back problems, who find it difficult to get a decent view out of the back window.

The Lane Departure Warning and Assist can be engaged at speeds over 60km/h, and monitors the lane markings through a windshield-mounted camera.

If it detects the vehicle leaving the marked lane without the driver having indicated such a move, audible and visual alerts give him (or her) a wake-up call.

Both systems can be disabled at any time, and any steering assistance can be manually overridden by the driver.

The i40 Premium models now have a 10-sensor front and rear parking system, an increase from the standard eight-sensor system on Active and Elite models.

The i40 range has a five-star safety rating with standard features including nine airbags, ABS, Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control, Cornering Brake Control, steering wheel mounted speed limiter and Hill-start Assist.

And the Euro looks and finish? Well, that's easy: the i40s were designed and engineered at Hyundai's research and development centre in Russelsheim, Germany.

The updated i40 Premium range, Hyundai's flagship passenger car, goes on sale about now.
It'spriced at $42,990 for the 2.0litre petrol auto sedan, $44,990 for the Tourer, or $45,590 for the 1.7litre turbo-diesel and $47,590 for the wagon.

You can get other i40s, the Active and Elite series, from $29,990. But you have to park them yourself, and use your eyes to stay in the lane.

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