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Do vibration machines work?

Do vibration machines work? Found yourself asking whether vibration machines really work? The short answer: Anything health related is almost opinion based. Most of the studies so far conducted have focused on the acute and chronic effects of WBVT on neuromuscular performance. You can see an example of a study here: My opinion: Yes […]

How does psychological wellness contribute to physical health?

How does psychological wellness contribute to physical health? Short answer: One compliments the other, it also very difficult to achieve physical health without a good psychological “Mind Set” The best way to look at this, is with something like running. While running there is coincident battle of wanting to give up, and what your physical […]

Top 10 Wellness & Health Retreats Victoria

Wellness & Health Retreats Melbourne Victoria. We have created a top 10 list of the wellness retreats in Victoria. Samadhi Retreats Welcome to Samadhi, the jewel of healing retreats in the Spa & Wellness Capital of Australia, and home to over 140 naturally occurring mineral Springs. Take sanctuary in an environment purpose-built for healing, […]

Top 10 Health & Wellness Retreats Perth WA

Health & Wellness Retreats Perth WA Western Australia’s top 10 Health & Wellness Retreats Salt Recovery Where people who had been bruised and battered by life could come and receive a first class journey back to their optimal health.  Everything about Salt Recovery screams excellence from the venue and the staff, right down to […]