A few years back a research study was conducted to compare the impact of 3 types of massage in shedding excess flab. At least 60 people participated in it and they were divided into 3 groups – the first group opted for a mechanical massage technique, the second opted for manual lymphatic drainage and the third group took connective tissue massage.

Once the study was conducted, it was the results that were interesting. All the groups that participated experienced a decline in the thickness of their thighs, a fall in abdomen fat and also improvement around the waist-hip area. The group opting for connective tissue massage therapy experienced remarkable improvement in thigh fat reduction.

In this post, we are going to walk you through as to how massage therapy can help in improving your body weight, size and shape.


Improves Muscle Tone – Kneading and pressing of your body by a therapist release tension, improve cellulite appearance (over your thighs and hips when vigorous reflexology is applied), as well as help in relaxation.

Improves Circulation – A complete body massage would benefit you in terms of improved circulation. The rubbing, kneading and manipulation by a professional therapist would help in bringing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the tissues and get rid of the waste products of body metabolism. The waste elements would be removed through your kidneys during urination. A massage session would be particularly fruitful if the excess weight you have put on is due to fluid retention in your body.

Acts as a Stress Buster – Are you gaining added weight as a result of stress or a sedentary lifestyle? If so, you can consider relaxation massage to help you release stress and stop getting upset about weight gain. It will also help you break free of emotional or unhealthy eating habits that you may have indulged in.


Though most therapies work well for obese people, here are 3 types of massage that would definitely prove beneficial:

Massage near Your Abdomen Area – If you suffer from constipation, massage around your abdomen area would make a considerable difference. It’s not a process that will take a lot of your time. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Start by massaging your abdomen area in a clockwise direction
  • Start from your right hip. Make sure that you rub and press towards the direction of food flow.
  • Try this method 3 minutes and two times a day

It will give you respite from constipation, abdominal muscle tone improvement and reduction in belly fat in a few weeks.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy – This method is gentle, soothing and beneficial for those suffering from intense fluid retention. The impact of this technique is profound, particularly over your legs and arms.

Vigorous Therapy for Cellulite Prone Areas – This is a 30 minute treatment focusing primarily on your hips, legs and thighs. A vigorous treatment along with considerable percussive movements will help patients experience a remarkable improvement within a few days. You can also take up salsa dancing classes along with this treatment to get the best results.

So, if you are worried about gaining excess weight, get in touch with a professional offering massage therapy services near you instead of popping dangerous slimming pills having adverse side effects. Better yet visit a health retreat in perth and take care of your body.