How Professional Massage Therapy Helps Children?

The benefits of massage therapy for children are manifold. It rejuvenates their body and mind, releases stress, helps at times of illness, stimulates cognitive skills and helps premature babies in gaining weight.
The gentle touch of hands and fingers, i.e. touch therapy has been prevalent for years. Massage or touch therapy dates back to ancient times and benefits children by offering relief from stress. A gentle and caressing touch of a therapist refreshes your child’s body and mind, and has universal acceptance. From time immemorial, kids are known to respond positively to the gentle pressing and kneading of their bodies.

Massage that Helps and Rejuvenates Children

Professional touch therapy is prevalent in several countries using rejuvenating oils or herbs that further boost the effectiveness of reflexology and help in releasing stress and exhaustion even when kids have crossed the threshold of infancy.

Children who have crossed infancy can be susceptible to stress in a number of ways like when they are going to school and unable to handle enormous academic pressure. Stress can also arise due to family squabbles, misunderstanding with parents or during playtime as a result of peer pressure. All of this stress leads to immune system imbalance. Children who opt for professional massage therapy regularly benefits in terms of stress relief and rejuvenation of their body and mind.

Kid’s Reciprocation to Touch Therapy

Children reciprocate in a positive manner to any kind of massage that is gentle, soothing, and relaxes their mind and body. It’s the touching, rubbing and bonding that really matters and has a therapeutic impact on your child.

For Infants: For your baby or cute little toddler, the gentle touch and movement of the fingers using rejuvenating oils is the best form of massage.

For Older Children: When it comes to older children, i.e. your school going child, massage implies pressing and kneading of hands and feet, and even toes and fingers.

Reflexology sessions for children must not exceed more than 30 minutes because kids are impatient and longer sessions may make them feel tiresome.

Massage Benefits at Times of Illness

Massage is an excellent remedy if children are suffering from asthma, diabetes, arthritis and skin problems. Doctors are also recommending it for kids who suffer from cancer because kneading and rubbing give children respite from pain and stress.

Massage sessions and manipulating the pressure points of the body also benefit children who suffer from psychiatric problems, hyperactivity disorders, autism and even bulimia. Those who have bulimia find massage beneficial because their anxiety, stress and depression are lessened considerably, and kids are also able to counteract the ailment.

As far as autistic children are concerned, they show signs of relaxation after a massage. Again, it also helps kids having dermatitis and other persistent skin problems. You can always visit a wellness retreat too.

Helps Premature Babies Struggling with Weight Gain

Babies born untimely often suffer from problems like less body weight. A professional therapist with his gentle massage and finger movements helps in releasing a growth hormone in untimely babies. This technique helps these infants gain weight, and also aids in the development of the brain and vital organs.

According to a report by the Department of Neonatology at the Children’s National Medical Center, situated in Washington DC, it has been proved that premature babies who had a massage, especially with kinesthetic arousal through passive limb movement and body stroking gained more weight than those infants minus the massage.

Develops Reasoning or Cognition Abilities

Some studies show that preschoolers who opted for a 15-20 minute massage performed much better on an IQ test after the therapy than those who read books. As per a report by the International Journal of Neuroscience, touch therapy improves brain functioning leading to more alertness, accuracy and speed in solving mathematical problems.

So, if you want your infant, preschooler, teenage boy or girl, or a young adult lead a healthy and balanced life free of stress and anxiety, opt for professional massage guns for children at a centre near you.