How Would You Benefit from a Massage chair in Your Workplace?

How Would You Benefit from a Massage chair in Your Workplace?


Modern day corporations are introducing chair massage therapy in the workplace as part of their employee wellness programs. Less anxiety, stress, an overall feeling of wellness, and improved job performance are some of the benefits to consider.

A professional massage given to you by a therapist while you are seated on a chair is known as chair massage. As far as this method is concerned, more companies are introducing this therapeutic treatment in their place of work as a worker benefit, and to maintain the health of their resources. Giant corporations like Google and Boeing offer massage therapy to their staff as an integral part of their fitness and wellness program. Wellness programs such as these help in alleviating employee stress and improve job satisfaction in your workplace.

When it comes to a seated chair massage, it may be regarded as something beyond luxury, leaving you feel fresh, invigorated and relaxed despite the burden of your work. It can give you beneficial results in just 15-20 minutes, lowering your heart rate, blood pressure (BP), and of course work related stress. According to specialists in massage and touch therapy, any kind of pressing, kneading and manipulation of pressure points in your body help in stress reduction, improved sleep, more immunity, and also help in relaxing your tight and rigid muscles. Some massage therapists also find the best massage guns in Australia and use them within their massage,

Gives You an Overall Feeling of Wellness

When a massage therapist gives you a soothing and relaxing head, face and shoulder massage while seated at your workplace, it gives you a feeling of health and satisfaction. As per a study conducted on employees, it was discovered that acupressure done in an office resulted in an enhanced feeling of well-being among employees. Those who received the therapy reported feeling relaxed, and experienced less anxiety and depression, and an enhanced ability to control emotions as well as improved sleep.

The inference drawn from this study was that those opting for the therapy were satisfied with their jobs and those who didn’t reported decreased job satisfaction.

Less Anxiety

Experts, therapists and colleagues opine that work related stress results in more anxiety, low motivation, increased depression, and other health concerns. This happens due to more workload in less time, tight deadlines, extended working hours, no weekly offs, and more work compared to the number of resources in a team. According to a study conducted in 1996, it was reported that a 15 minute massage when seated on a chair was more beneficial than taking a 15 minute break to lessen anxiety. To really bring down the anxiety we suggest getting a massage at health and wellness retreat in W.A

More Productivity

Chair massage is also beneficial in terms of increased productivity in the workplace. As per a study published in the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine”, chair massage for two times a week helps in lessening musculoskeletal pain and improved range motions after about a month.

Studies also proved that a 15 minute therapy offered to nurses during peak working hours not only lessened their stress, but the nurses also felt less irritable about their work, showed improvements in terms of productivity, and were more focused on their job-related roles and responsibilities.

Enhanced Job Performance

Reports have also shown that a 15 minute massage while sitting on a chair results in improved performance of the human brain. Those opting for the method showed more speed and precision in finishing mathematical equations.

So, you see how chair massage therapy benefits people in their place of work by improving the ability of the human brain to function more, and decreased stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression result in enhanced work performance and productivity.