What is aromatherapy massage?

Now you guys are probably wondering what exactly Aromatherapy massage is.?

Aromatherapy massage is a combination of great smells ie Aromatherapy, and massage from a trained professional.

Well I’m glad you asked! In the simplest of terms, Aromatherapy is the use of aromas (or scents) in such a way that stimulates the human body/mind in a positive, beneficial manner. Now the next question you guys are asking is probably something along the lines of “Well if that’s the case then what are these so called ‘positive effects’? Perhaps I will want to try it out if I see that this could improve my life in a substantial way!”. Geez, you folks sure are smart by asking all these great questions, by all means keep them coming! Anyways, on to thee benefits!


First Benefit: Stress Relief


Ah yes, the dreaded stress that most people have throughout their daily lives. The constant drain on your energy supply, the constant worry, anxiety, and every other aspect of stress that we do not like! Fortunately, stress, like every other experience in life is only temporary. Which means you will not have to live with it for all of eternity! Isn’t that great news!? I mean, I think it’s awesome news, but wait! ‚Ķ.there’s more! The even more awesome news is that we can relieve our stress with the help of mother natures perfected aromas! I personally recommend Bath & Body Works “Eucalyptus Spearmint”

for such the daunting task that is stress relief. By relieving your stress you can expect to see a massive shift in your life due to a variety of reasons. Such as improved memory, intuition, overall cognitive performance, less impatience, irritability, fits of anger, more heart felt feelings like love, appreciation, kindness, and more energy!


(As you can see, the list is quite…shall we say…extensive ūüėČ


Second Benefit: Good Sleep


You guessed correctly, the second benefit (Or possibly the first!?) is in fact, sleep! We all do it so it must have some immeasurable value to it! Oh geez you guys have more questions!? Alright, alright, I suppose you can ask away! “Why does sleep have immeasurable value to it!?” Well I’m glad you asked Mr.¬†Everyone Who Was Wondering That Exact Question.¬†You see, sleep has a multitude of benefits, many of them being the exact same as the benefits of stress relief, BUT WAIT…..there’s more! One of sleeps nifty little perks is that it causes a phenomena called¬†Consolidation.¬†To simplify that term, it means that when we sleep we begin to process our memories on a much deeper level. Resulting in understanding said memory that much more. So for example, say I was learning how to play Call of Duty during my free time. Well when I would go to sleep the process of Consolidation would occur which allows me to essentially practice Call of Duty while I’m sleeping, resulting in me being better at Call of Duty while in my waking state. This applies to any skill you are trying to learn and not just video games. (Are you amazed at your minds capabilities yet!? Because I sure am!)¬†Not only that, but increased sleep has also been attributed to living longer, decreasing inflammation, increasing creativity, maintaining healthy weight, sharpening your attention,¬†and¬†lowering stress! As you can see, getting a good nights rest is the shit when it comes to extraordinary health benefits. Keep in mind, this list of health benefits are extremely small in comparison to the¬†true¬†amount of benefits that good sleep produces. If I were to even attempt to write on all of the benefits of sleep I would probably end up dying at least five times while trying to explain every minute detail!


So you have insomnia and you cannot sleep if your life depended it. Well my friend there is only one solution, take a huge amount of prescription Valium to knock that ass out! (Aha, I only joke!)¬†You can actually go about this quite a few ways. You could always change your diet, you could always exercise, you could always train your mind to be completely silent, OR you could buy this product from Bath & Body Works called “Lavender Chamomile”! This product has special ingredients in it that is sure to get you fast to sleep in no time! I sound like a Bath & Body Work representative or something!¬†(haha)¬†But fact is, is that they sell great Aromatherapy products so it’s only natural to indirectly market them!¬†(hell, my as well directly market them at the rate we’re going!)¬†Anyways, enough about how amazing sleep is! Let us move on to the next and final benefit that will be talked about today shall we!?


Third Benefit: Abundant Energy


Wasn’t it obvious!? I mean what can you do with no energy!? Here, let me give you a little hint¬†(not jack shit!).¬†Ah yes, energy, such a vague term and yet it describes the entire flow of the universe. No one can really give you a pin point definition on what energy is and yet energy is all around us.¬†(then again, are any definitions ‘pin point’ considering you must always use another definition to define something in further detail….seems….never ending.)¬†But enough of the blubber blabber, lets get on with what you are really here to listen to; the benefits of energy!


Now let us take a moment to imagine what it would be like if we were always motivated, never fatigued, filled with immeasurable amounts of positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Yes, those are some of the side effects of having abundant energy. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day filled with immense love for life!?¬†(And by life I mean the ENTIRE universe, yes even rocks, even so called ‘dead’ things, death is just another process in life.)¬†I know I would if I could! Oh wait, I do!¬†(And you can to if you play your cards right.)¬†So what are some of the ways we can increase this amazing thing called energy? Well, as you’re about to see, stress, sleep, and energy all go hand to hand in some way, shape, or form. Energy can be increased by increasing the amount of hours you sleep, and it can also be increased by reducing the amount of stress you have. Energy can be increased through correct diet and exercise, along with mental training. (specifically on thinking more positive and thinking less.)¬†Most importantly it can be increased by…….Bath & Body Works “Orange Ginger”!


By now it is as clear as day that not only is Aromatherapy very useful, but also Bath and Body Works are just as useful for being able to provide the products, you do this at home or at a health retreat in Perth. Now of course this is not the only company to provide Aromatherapy products but this is our current centre of focus due to their stellar reviews. Since Bath & Body Works has a few of the products you are looking for I will provide you guys with a coupon code and a link so you can get a prepaid visa to buy their products.

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