Top 10 Wellness & Health Retreats Victoria

Wellness & Health Retreats Melbourne Victoria.

We have created a top 10 list of the wellness retreats in Victoria.

Samadhi Retreats

Welcome to Samadhi, the jewel of healing retreats in the Spa & Wellness Capital of Australia, and home to over 140 naturally occurring mineral Springs.
Take sanctuary in an environment purpose-built for healing, personal reflection and self-discovery. Enjoy luxury accommodation, spa treatments and gourmet cuisine. Co-create your journey with your experienced hosts Annah and Wayne Mirananda. Private. Bespoke. Like no other

Navigating Samadhi’s offerings is a journey towards your better self. It’s about becoming more of what you need for optimal health and wellbeing, and if you wish, an authentic journey of self discovery and personal renewal.

Samadhi remains a safe haven in these changing times. As a private, bespoke travel experience located near Melbourne we offer beautiful surrounds, open rural landscapes nurturing your own well appointed exclusive private residence. Nutritious & delicious plant-based organic food prepared daily and served within the privacy of your own spacious retreat. Our focus is to help strengthen your immune system, build resilience and empowerment through a balanced program of health & wellness services.

Abide Wellness Retreat

Wellness is the most valuable life asset you can attain, it is a divine gift and a sanctuary of life. When you abide by the fundamental principles of health and wellness, blessings beyond your imagination will begin to flourish. Enjoy life to the full!

Everyone at some time in their busy life needs to come aside and take stock of their health and wellbeing. Sometimes it might just require something out of the ordinary, or it might mean a sea change or a pace reset. Abide Wellness Retreat provides a tranquil environment where you can come aside and rest awhile. If you’re feeling overwhelmed physically and emotionally, struggling to cope, or needing that recharge to motivate your vitality, Abide Wellness is the place, that sanctuary that will surprise you beyond your expectation.

Here’s where time becomes your precious companion and not your enemy. Your wellness is your most valuable resource and can reward you with a quality of life beyond your imagination. Abiding in wellness will bring you blessings beyond measure.

Shizuka Ryokan Retreat

Shizuka Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, located in country Victoria. Hundreds of years ago ryokans—traditional Japanese inns close to natural springs—were a place for Japan’s samurai warriors to rest and reflect. Japanese culture has a deep respect for ometenashi—hospitality. Shizuka Ryokan is a quiet, minimalist space. It has traditional elements such as: tatami mats, yukata robes, bonsai, shoji screens, futon beds, Japanese architecture, and a Zen rock garden.

The genuine hospitality of the owner Catherine Defina, and the professional services of the hospitality and spa staff, ensures that guests leave Shizuka Ryokan relaxed and revived. Highlights include traditional Japanese cuisine and spa and wellness treatments. Located just 75 minutes from Melbourne—in Hepburn Springs near Daylesford—Shizuka Ryokan is an authentic Japanese experience that is close to home.

Set amid four acres of bushland, Shizuka Ryokan offers a traditional Japanese experience. Guestrooms feature futon bedding, tatami straw matting, shoji rice paper sliding screens, tokonoma alcoves, zaisu chairs, zabuton cushions and kotatsu low tables. With the intimacy of just six guestrooms, Shizuka Ryokan offers traditional Japanese accommodation with an Australian twist—the grounds are often visited by kangaroos, echidnas and native birdlife.

Rejuvenate Health & Fitness Retreats

Have you ever wished that you could attain the kind of transformational health and lifestyle changes you want within a stone’s throw of one of Australia’s most liveable cities? Rejuvenate Health & Fitness Retreats follow the same sound, innovative methods and techniques as many exclusive wellness retreats, while focusing on delivering you the health outcomes you desire, along with better value than its competitors. As Victoria’s leading Detox Health Retreat, Rejuvenate utilises a holistic approach to assist you in addressing any dietary, exercise or lifestyle concerns you may be experiencing, allowing you an ongoing sense of wellbeing and renewed motivation to carry forward into your everyday life.

At Rejuvenate Health and Fitness Retreats we have a program available for you regardless of where you are on life’s journey. Our Retreats are designed to provide you with as much, or as little, support as you require. Our practitioners and workshops provide you with the opportunity to explore the latest mind/body enhancement strategies, ensuring you enjoy a truly relaxing and restorative experience.


Delvin is owned and operated by myself, Michael Shane. I have always been interested in Health and Wellbeing and find it wonderful to help others achieve health and wellbeing too. Delvin is a charming boutique Health Retreat and Day Spa, situated on the top of the Dandenong Ranges at Olinda, one hour east of Melbourne’s CBD. Delvin is set in an acre of tranquil gardens and is ideally situated within a short walk to the National Rhododendron Gardens, forests and Olinda Village with it’s craft & gift shops, cafe’s and restaurants.

Lasting change always starts on the inside and works its way out. I recommend my Counselling which is based on traditional therapeutic methods as well as complimenting your spirituality. We all need pampering and there comes a time when we just have to indulge ourselves. For something more physical the forest walks and yoga are really beneficial and meditation is such a valuable indulgence, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Wellbeing Health Retreats

Our health retreats combine the calming benefits of a meditation retreat, with the physical balancing that yoga retreats can bring. This is what our health retreats are…A holistic approach to rejuvenating your health. You’ll spend several days in one of our venues, and completely unplug from the struggles of your daily lives. While with us, you’ll focus on realigning the 4 aspects of your health.

We provide the best health retreats in Melbourne (and the rest of Victoria), not only because of the experience we give our clients at our retreats — but because of what they are able to get out of it and take with them wherever they go. You’re not getting just a quick get-away. You’re getting a life-changing experience that’ll equip you with the techniques you need to improve your well-being wherever life takes you. As a one-stop location for all your health needs, we also offer health coaching and holistic wellness coaching services.

Surrounding yourself with other motivated individuals looking to transform their lives, and by tapping into our extensive knowledge and experience — You’re sure to transform your life for the better.

Lake House Daylesford

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to The Spa again. During this period we are taking every possible precaution to ensure best practice health and safety. As a result, availability is limited and some treatments are unavailable or need to be modified, these include any treatments in the hydrostorm or Thermal M Cocoon as well as facials. Please speak to the team for any enquiries. We appreciate your consideration and understanding and look forward to pampering you soon.

Six acres of country gardens extend down to the waters of Lake Daylesford and provide guests with immediate access to the lakeshore and the Wombat State Forest beyond. Exploring the property is in itself an adventure. Guests may like to have a hit of tennis followed by tea and refreshments in the tennis pavilion, a glass of wine by the fire in the Argyle Library Bar. Given the opportunity to explore the gardens you will come upon significant trees, a myriad of sculptures and artwork from many of the region’s top artists, extensive outdoor terraces overlooking the lakeshore and established country gardens with everything from koala-loved stringy barks to lilac, Daphne, quince, plum and apple trees.

The renowned restaurant draws appreciative foodies from Australia and around the world. In the kitchens, a talented team under the guidance of co-owner and Culinary Director Alla Wolf-Tasker AM work from the ground up producing cutting edge, modern Australian cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal and regional ingredients.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs is an award-winning natural hot springs, day spa and wellness destination located on the Mornington Peninsula, just 90 minutes from Melbourne. Natural geothermal mineral waters flow into the pools and private baths at our coastal oasis, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

As we re-emerge and once again welcome guests to experience the therapeutic benefits of geothermal bathing and reconnecting in nature, we are delighted to share our reimagined experiences. To ensure the safety of our guests in a COVID-present world and to accommodate social distancing and capacity requirements, we have introduced time based bathing in our Bath House, giving our whole community the chance to share in a relaxing and restorative hot springs experience.

Enrich your Bath House visit by adding a variety of enhancements to your booking. Choose from an assortment of dining options to nourish the body and soul. Discover a variety of relaxation spaces you can reserve to retreat to between bathing. Surrender to an individually tailored massage in our treatment cabana. Explore the complimentary wellness activities available to our Bath House guests.

Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

Hepburn Springs’ only historic Bathhouse, has been providing traditional wellness bathing since 1895. Drawing mineral rich waters directly from the natural source, this iconic bathhouse reconnects you with an array of mineral wellness experiences including indulgent 100% pure private mineral baths and a selection of specifically designed wellness packages.

Nestled in the heart of Australia’s spa country the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa has been providing traditional wellness bathing since 1895. Drawing mineral rich waters directly from the natural source, this iconic bathhouse reconnects you with an array of mineral wellness experiences including indulgent 100% pure private mineral baths and a selection of specifically designed wellness packages.

Our heritage listed Pavilion built in 1908 is the perfect back drop for a relaxing lunch from our Pavilion cafe with delicous food celebrating seasonal local produce or Devonshire tea with freshly made Scones and Jam. Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Spa offers indulgent luxury accomodation, with magnificent, serene views over the native bushland.

OnTrack Retreats

OnTrack Retreats has helped more Australian’s than any similar program. We receive cards and testimonials from our guests every week thanking us for helping them lose weight, get fit & change their life. Everyone is an individual and individual results vary based on how hard you work.

Are you worried our weight loss camp might be too hard, or too easy? Don’t! Our specialist program is designed for adults of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Exercise will be at your level, as intense as you want it to be. Whether you are 18 or 65, have 100kgs to lose, just a few kilos or just want to improve your fitness it doesn’t matter. Our expert trainers and health team will ensure you work to your goals.

OnTrack is different from most other retreats, and this is why our program has become so popular. It’s not a traditional health retreat of rest and relaxation (with the odd gym session thrown in) but a comprehensive program of fitness, nutrition, and education. Our program is designed to help you change habits and develop the skills needed to live a long term healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.